My first YLS event

Going into the vibrant atmosphere of the YLS 2021 summer drinks event, I was enveloped in a tapestry of laughter, chatter and the clinking of glasses. The anticipation was palpable […]

Holi 2023

Holi was my first ever Young Lohana Society event. Known as the festival of colours, it has to be one of the funnest ways to celebrate Hinduism. People play with […]

Newly Appointed Vice Chairperson

As the newly appointed Vice Chairperson of the Young Lohana Society (YLS), I find myself both honoured and privileged to serve our vibrant community in this capacity. Stepping into this […]

Dancing Through Navratri Nights

In the heart of every Gujarati, amidst the rhythm of life, resides a celebration like no other – Navratri. And at Dhamecha Lohana Centre, it’s not just a festival; it’s […]