Embracing the Business Gene: Insights from City Talks

Ever wondered what sets the Lohana community apart? What drives their entrepreneurial spirit and resilience? These questions have been at the forefront of my mind, leading me on a quest to unravel the unique characteristics of the Lohana community.

I’m proud to belong to a community known for its rich heritage steeped in trade and commerce. Our journey in the business world is not just about making profits; it’s a reflection of our cultural legacy and determination to succeed against all odds.

I was inspired by the tales of Lohana entrepreneurs and business owners who started from humble beginnings and built thriving enterprises. It instilled in me an indelibe sense of ambition and a desire to carve out my path in the business world, to leave my mark just as they had.

Having been deeply involved with YLS and LCNL for a number of years, alongside dedicated colleagues, together we have explored various facets that illuminate our community’s distinct traits. Through these endeavours, I’ve developed a profound appreciation for the unwavering resilience and entrepreneurial spirit that defines us.

One such enlightening experience was my involvement in City Talks, an event aimed at inspiring the younger Lohana generation to embrace their entrepreneurial instincts.

During City Talks, I had the privilege of interviewing a remarkable husband-wife duo who turned their passion for authentic Indian cuisine into an award-winning takeaway business. Their journey epitomised the challenges and triumphs of entrepreneurship, highlighting the relentless dedication and perseverance it demands.

The success of City Talks resonated deeply with attendees, drawing in new faces eager to explore their own entrepreneurial potential. It’s a poignant reminder that, despite the allure of corporate careers, it’s essential for our youth to continue to embrace and nurture their entrepreneurial instincts. I’ve already witnessed this desire firsthand, whether it’s friends sacrificing long hours in the city or medics pursuing passion projects and side hustles.

Moreover, the stories of our community members who migrated from India and Africa with little but a dream and went on to establish successful businesses are truly inspiring. Their journeys underscore the risks and challenges inherent in entrepreneurship, highlighting the resilience needed to overcome obstacles.

As someone deeply passionate about business and continuous self-education, I believe these characteristics are invaluable assets for conquering all aspects of life, whether you’re employed or self-employed.

The emphasis on education within the Lohana community has been instrumental in shaping my entrepreneurial journey. From a young age, I was encouraged to pursue higher education and develop specialised skills that would set me apart in the business world. Today, I’m grateful for the strong educational foundation that has equipped me to face the challenges of the modern business landscape confidently.

It’s crucial for our youth to embrace this entrepreneurial spirit ingrained in our innate “Lohana Business Gene”. Through future events organized by YLS, we aim to showcase our community’s success stories and provide a platform for learning and inspiration, with the hope that the legacy continues to thrive in future generations. Together, let’s champion this entrepreneurial spirit and empower our youth to carry forward our community’s rich heritage of success.

By Shyam Kanani