Holi 2023

Holi was my first ever Young Lohana Society event. Known as the festival of colours, it has to be one of the funnest ways to celebrate Hinduism. People play with powder, throwing colours at one another, often even pouring water over others’ heads. The music is bumping, and the food is always fantastic too. For me, the beauty of the day lies in its inclusivity. Parents, kids, even grandparents can all participate, and everyone seems to play together like one big family. Through YLS, I got to experience Holi in its full glory, and the committee included me in the celebrations despite most having never even met me before the day. The event enticed me to join the YLS committee, and since joining last year, I’ve met so many other young adults looking for ways to celebrate our culture. With our YLS Holi festival coming up on the 7th April 2024 at RCT, please do come and celebrate with us! Whether you bring friends or family, or come alone, the committee is always looking to meet new members!

by Vivek Thakrar