Shyam Kanani

Vice Secretary

Shyam Kanani is more than just a financial advisor specializing in wealth management. He’s a die hard fan of the Indian cricket team and can talk your ear off about the latest stats and games. So much so has even project managed a YLS trip to watch live T20 cricket at the Oval. He has a love for mafia movies and can even recite every line from Pulp Fiction, and never misses a chance to hit the gym or travel to a new destination.

Long bitten by the travel bug and a keen adventurer, one of his highlights was a 4 month solo backpacking adventure across Australia and South-East Asia. Living like a local, having the pleasure of watching the India vs Australia Test series live or learning to cook an authentic Thai Green Curry, he believes life is all about the rich experiences we have.

But what really makes Shyam stand out is his passion for giving back. He has dedicated countless hours of service to the Young Lohana Society. He loves to meet new people and organize fun and impactful events for the community. Whether it’s a networking event to bring out the entrepreneurial spirit in our Lohana community (Careers Fair 2018, City Talks 2019) or a fun-filled day of cricket and pizza, Shyam knows how to make it happen.

With his infectious energy and creative ideas, Shyam is a team player and is always happy to lend a helping hand. And if you ever need financial advice or help managing your wealth, he’s the go-to guy. Just don’t be surprised if he starts quoting Samuel L. Jackson in the middle of your portfolio review!