Shriya Rajani

Social Secretary

Hey everyone, I’m Shriya, your friendly YLS Social Secretary!

Joining the YLS committee last term was honestly one of the best decisions I’ve ever made. I’ll admit, I was a bit reserved at first and had no clue about YLS. But then came the Metro Golf event – let me tell you, stepping into that was nerve-wracking! I hardly knew anyone there. However, by the end of the day, I’d connected with a bunch of amazing people, many of whom were just as new to YLS as I was. So, here’s the deal: you don’t need to bring a friend to have a great time because the YLS events are all about making sure everyone feels welcome and has a blast.

YLS has put together some amazing events, from Golf and Holi to Box Park, Ascot, and our all-time favorites, Summer and Winter Drinks.

For me, the real joy of these events is simply hanging out with awesome people, catching up with old friends, and meeting new faces.

We’re totally open to hearing your thoughts on our events – what you’d like to see more of and any cool ideas for future events.

Feel free to reach out on social media or come have a chat with us at the next event. We’re all about getting to know each and every one of you!